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1 – McCandless Cup is a wild adventure challenge, in teams, of total immersion in Nature. The focal points of this challenge are knowing how to orientate oneself by reading the territory, walking for long distances, and the ability to capture details. McCandless Cup is a spartan and fair non-competitive competition. Its core values are wit, caring for others, fair play, adaptability and creative improvisation. 

...If we admit that human life can be ruled by reason, the possibility of life is destroyed. [Alex Supertramp]

2 – Teams are made up of TWO people. The members of a team cannot separate, nor split up: each one is responsible for the other. Both must be over 18 years old. In case of requests for minors, who will be of age in the current year, the organization will evaluate their hiking resume, though they will only be considered if the partner is an adult who can take formal responsibility of the minor (specific release to fill and sign).
Each member must keep in full sight, throughout the event, the bib showing the number attributed to their team.
Each couple is committed to staying until the end of the event.
Any couple who keeps a smile, even when in difficulty, will already start with a benefit of at least ten points, maybe not in Mc Candless Cup, but for sure in life!
You can register individually by agreeing to be put in touch with someone you can participate with.


2/bis – If you have found not only a companion, but an entire tribe of your kind (example: friends of Parmesan on ketchup spaghetti, FPKS), do not hesitate to indicate it when filling out the registration form, your couples can accumulate the points of Mc Candless Cup.

I recommend you take care to indicate in the form all the same IDENTICAL wording as a tribe.

    ...Happiness is real only when shared. [Alex Supertramp]

3 – The organization consists of a few volunteers who mostly travel on foot and can ensure only a starting point, a proven route, and a point of arrival. Each participant is responsible of being able to manage to get by alone, even in extreme situations caused by an accident.
Each participant is required to read and sign the declaration RELEASE indicated at the bottom of this document.
Whoever gets lost must call the organization. Safety phone numbers will be provided. Whoever calls for public assistance, does so under their own responsibility and expense!
The Nottola guarantees its members insurance coverage, but it is your neck on the line and you should hold it dear!
So the rule is that everyone participates at their own risk.

4 – Each participant is obliged to respect the rules of conduct instructed by respect for the environment, nature, artifacts, houses, shelters, the elderly and all that they meet on the route. Scouts condense this rule with the motto "the scout leaves no trace" and for La Nottola in these cases the same "style" is applied.
Whoever doesn't follow this rule is personally responsible for the transgression and the damages caused or penalties imposed by the competent authorities.

5 –  In Mc Candless Cup resistance to physical fatigue can be crucial, since the event occurs through approximately 20 hours of walking in total, from late Friday afternoon to early Sunday afternoon The route include all types of roads: asphalt, dirt, trails, tracks on gravel, even difficulties for Expert Hikers and almost Expert Equipped Hiker (ok, maybe not that difficult). 
The Mc Candless Cup will take place in all weather conditions, except for conditions that threaten the safety of participants (lightning, storms, earthquakes, floods, showers of meteorites, frogs, artichokes or other, depending on the Organization's mood).

...It should not be denied that being footloose has always exhilarated us. It is associated in our minds with escape from history and oppression and law and irksome obligations. Absolute freedom. And the road has always led West to Appennino. [Alex Supertramp+Mec]

6 – The McCandless Cup tests are:
- Road: cover the whole route.
- Topography: arrive at your destination.
- Orientation: there will be tests to verify the time and space orientation and the state of mental health of walkers.
- Observation: Identification of very small Nottole on the route, more or less hidden in the beauty.
- Territory: demonstrate knowledge of the natural aspects of the environment you walk through.

- Be ready and superstitious: do not let the soul be stolen by technology.

- First Aid: prevention of any accident, incident or illness. Accidents, incidents, illnesses and colds will be grounds for disqualification.
- Kitchen: each couple must cook at least one evening meal on their own. The eco-sustainability and ethics of the ingredients will be evaluated. In short: Masterchef - Appennino Edition. At the starting point a copy of your recipe will be retained to be submitted to a jury of local culinary experts...

- Distance Mc: Never move away from your companion more than this fixed distance.

- Possible surprise tests (“the ways of God are endless”, cit. J.C.)

7 – A Patrol "Mec" will start one hour after the competition and disqualify teams who arrive at destination after the patrol itself. If all the patrol catches up, the Organization wins the Mc Candless Cup. Teams who demonstrate to having perfect knowledge of their assigned author/character  will be safe from being disqualified by the “Mec” Patrol.
There will be Check Points along the way. Whoever does not reach the Check Point within the maximum time will be disqualified.
7bis - Disqualification from Mc Candless Cup provides for the automatic insertion of the team in the “Lambrusco competition", which means the forced diversion on a simplified route, specially designed by Gualtiero caramalli. As the saying goes
“when the effort has overtaken the fun
leave the race and go have a Lambrusco”

On this route all same rules of Mc Candless Cup are applied, and participants will compete with other disqualified teams to win the prize from “ Wine cellars of 2018".

8 – The ranking will be determined on the basis of objective data (time spent, details found, bonus / negative points accumulated, errors, etc ...) and subjective data at the discretion of the Organization. No one shall complain. Humour is part of the skills of each participant.
Complaints will be accepted only written in rhymes (the Organization will throw them away only after reading them).
All teams who will finish the path having done properly all the tests, within the maximum time, can be considered winners of Mc Candless Cup, but only one couple will be in the first place.

…...So now, after  two years days walk, comes the final and greatest adventure, the climatic battle to kill get to the end the false being within and victoriously conclude the spiritual revolution. [Alex Supertramp+Mec]

9 – The equipment must be consist of:
 -Material to spend the night under the stars (without a tent even at altitudes close to 2000m above sea level),
 -to cook without flame at least one dinner,
 -phone charged, flip flops and bathing suit,
 -suitable clothes,
 -shoes suitable for mountain trekking,
 -electric torch, with charged batteries and spare batteries.
 -notebook and pencils,
 -a marker

- a small candle (BASIC)

- a potato masher,

- an indoor plant,

 -detailed readable list of the team's menu, with each ingredient accompanied by detailed information, including the manufacturer of the product.
-at least one book of the author or of the character assigned to the team (the so called “weight of knowledge”)...
 -a bib A5 format making clearly visible the number assigned to the team at the time of enrollment (examples: black number on white background, or red number on yellow background).
 The object must be made of waterproof materials resistant to abrasions to be visible until the end of the event. On the bib it should also be shown whether the team belongs to a specific associations of the Consulta dell'escursionismo-Bologna (See of hiking-Bolonia).
 -high visibility jacket to wear on paved stretches.
 -a shot glass / coffee glass cup
 -and just about everything you need to live the mountain Nottola style*

    * To see what the Nottola style is, you can try to search the site
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          .... But probably you won't find what you are looking for

10 - Each team must have enough food for every day of the race.
The organization provides nothing, almost nothing. You can find water along the way, but not always, so it's good to keep at least an extra couple of liters each.

11 - The participation fee amounts to € 15.00. Participation is limited to Nottola APS-ASD members and to associations belonging to the See of hiking participating in this event.
It's possible to become a member of Nottola APS-ASD until the day before the race. The membership includes, in addition to insurance coverage, the opportunity to participate in other activities proposed by the association and costs 10.00 €.
11/bis – some clauses, deliberately discriminating, have been added:
18 euros for Italians, 46,8 euros for the Swiss, 0.47 euros for the Nepalese ... in short, all the others a figure proportional to the average income of their country:
Free for those who come from war zones and requests political asylum in Lizzano in Belvedere and for those who tattoo the whole regulation on their back.

11/ter – Thanks to the agreement with University of the Study of the Bolognese Apennines, those graduating in 2017 in whichever faculty, who are able to provide the staff with specific certification, will pay as the others, however will receive a gift pack of 12 CFU  ...

11/ywz – The effort to update the rules this year as well, has cost us, 4 hours of hard work, 3 beers, 2 plates of tortelloni, 2 rolls, ½ l red wine, 2 gelatos. Whoever identifies all the modifications made with respect to the last year wins a 4-hour advantage over the others, 3 beers, 2 plates of tortelloni, 2 rolls, ½ l red wine, 2 gelatos collectable at the bar Cock’s Bistro of Lizziano by tomorrow…

12 – The first 10 registrants will receive two more points each.
To sign up fill the following online module:
Attaching the "RELEASE" fully filled and signed

  You can find the "RELEASE" module at the following link:
** * you can sign up after the dead-line of the 27th of May, but with an added cost of 3€ per participant for every week of delay.

Taking part to the event implies the complete and unconditioned acceptance of these rules.
The Organization may modify the regulation due to unforeseeable circumstances, technical problems, pressing reasons, or simply to make it better. They will inform of the changes on the website, or directly before or during the competition.

We ask anyone who signs up to actually show up, because the amount of energies and money spent depends on the estimated number of participants. If they don't come we would have wasted resources!

We would recommend that to help us to make the registration before the event a lot faster to pay the fee before arriving: We would invite you to make a transfer on the IBAN number --IT47H05018 024000 0000 0174 013-- of Banca Popolare Etica S.C.P.A, indicating "your name and surname, McCandless Cup" and "Partecipation fee" and/or "membership", in the reason for payment.

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We know you're pissing in your pants and you think you can't do it!
But to really understand what Mc Candless Cup is you just have to come and see for yourselves!